Pulse Production in United States of America

Pulse production occurs throughout the United States, with the largest acreage in California, North Dakota. Pulse crop progress reports in Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, Oragon and Washington are very favorable, with adequate moisture. US pulse crops (dry pea, lentil, chickpea) acreage totals 2,513,300, up 34%. Dry pea acreage for 2016 is at 1,268,000 acres according to USDA/NASS and we estimate that to be 760,000 acres in yellow peas, and 508,000 acres in green peas. That represents an increase of 292,500 acres (or 60%) in yellow pea acreage over last year. Lentil plantings are reported to be 930,000 acres in 2016, up by a whopping 437,000 acres (or 88%). Chickpea planted area totals 281,300 acrews (up 36%). About 91,000 acres are estimated for Small Chickpea and 190,300 acres for Large Chickpea.
Small lentils* Pardina, Morton, Eston Varieties
Medium lentils** Brewer, Richlea, Merrit Varieites
Large lentils*** Mason, Pennell, Palouse, VanGard, Laird Varieties
Red lentils**** Red Chief, Crimson, CDC red Robin varieties
***** US Large Chickpeas including California production