Green Gram

Green Gram, also known as Mung or Golden Gram or Pesalu (in Telugu), PasiPayaru (in Tamil) is the seed of VignaRadiate and is native to the Indian subcontinent. Apart from India it is also cultivated in China, Thailand, Indonesia, Burma, Bangladesh, Laos, Cambodia and also in hot and dry regions of Southern Europe and the Southern United States.
Suitable climate for cultivation of Green Gram should be warm humid and within temperature range of 25°C to 35°C, with moderate rains of 80-100cm, well distributed during growing period of 100days.

Mung should grow from sea level to as high as 2000 meters. Normally middle of March to last week of June as high temperature and low humidity keep insects and disease infestations at their lowest. In North India, it is cultivated during warm and wet Kharif season and in South India in mild winter season.
It is cultivated on a variety of soils, from red laterite soils in South India to black cotton soils in North India and sandy soils in Rajasthan. To cultivate Green Gram a well drained loamy to sandy loam soil is the best, while saline and alkaline soil or waterlogged soils are not at all suitable for cultivation.

Scientific Classification of Green Gram

SpeciesV. radiata
Binomial nameVignaradiata(L.) R. Wilczek


Season and Varieties


Adipattam (June - July)

All districts except Kanyakumari and NilgirisCo 6, Co(Gg) 7, VBN 2, VBN(Gg) 3
Vellore and Thiruvannamalai VRM (Gg) 1,

Puratasipattam (September - October)

Kanchipuram, Tiruvallur, Dharmapuri, Vellore,Co 6, VBN(Gg) 2, VBN(Gg) 3
Tiruvannamalai, Salem, Namakkal, Cuddalore,
Villupuram, Thiruchirapalli, Perumbalur, Erode,
Coimbatore, Madurai, Dindigul, Theni, Pudukottai,
Pudukkottai, Sivagangi, Ramanthapuram,
Virudhunagar, Thothukudi and ThirunelveliVRM(Gg) 1
Vellore and Tiruvannamalai,

Margazhi-Thai Pattam (December – January)

All districts except Kanyakumari and NilgirisVBN(Gg) 2, VBN(Gg)3

Rice fallows (January - February)
Thanjavur, Tiruvarur, Nagapattinam, Cuddalore,ADT 3
Summer (February - March)

Thanjavur, Tiruvarur, Nagapattinam, Cuddalore,Co 6, VBN(Gg) 3
Villupuram, Tiruchirapalli, Perambalur, Thiruvallur,

Varieties of Green gram


ParticularsKM 2CO 4ADT 3Paiyur 1VBN 1K 1
ParentageHybrid deri­vative of No.127xS.9Mutant of
CO 1
Hybrid deri­vative of H70-16/ Rajendran/
PS from DPT 703Hybrid deri­vative of S.8xPIMS 3Co 4 x ML 65
Year of release197819811988198819891998
50% flowering (days) Duration (days) Grain yield (kg/ha)
35 - 40 65 - 70 76740 – 45 85 91036 66 50045 - 50 85 – 90 74230 - 35 65 77070 - 75 - 670
Irrigated Plant height (cm) Stem, branches etc. Branches35 - 45 Green stem -1550 60 - 70 Green stem 3 – 4500 (Rice fallows) 35 – 45 Green stem 2 – 3- 5 5- 60 Green 3 – 455 - 60 Green sparsely hairy 2 – 370 - 75 Green, slightly Pubescent 3 - 4
LeavesMedium Broad tripartate
and hairy
Medium broad, Petiole longBroadMedium, foliate, ovateBroad
Pod charactersDark brown and tip coveredGreen when tender & black on dryingDark brownDull greenSparsely hairy , light black podsLong and slightly pubescent, brown
Colour of grainShiny greenDull greenGreenDull GreenGreenDull green
100 grain wt (g)3.04.12 - 33 - 53.63.5

ParticularsCO 6VRM(Gg) 1VBN(Gg) 2
ParentageWGG 37 x CO 5Pure line selection from
K 851
Cross derivative of VGG 4 x MH 309
Year of release199920012001
50% flowering (days)26 – 3031 – 3530 – 35
Duration (days)62 – 6756 – 6765 – 70
Grain yield (kg/ha)
Irrigated Plant height (cm) 1050
35 - 55

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