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Date (YY-MM-DD)NumberTypeSubject
2021-03-03S.O. 1017(E)Gazette NotificationUrad Quota Notification for FY 2021-22
2021-04-30S.O. 1266(E)Gazette NotificationTur and Moong Imports Notification for FY 2021-22
2021-03-30S.O. 1261(E)Gazette NotificationExtend the last date for import of 1.5 Lakh MT of Urad from 31.03.2021 till 30.04.2021
2021-03-03 47/2015-20Public Notice Procedure / modalities for import of 1.5 lakh MT of Moong, 4 Lakh MT of Tur and 4 Lakh MT of Urad for the fiscal year 2021-2022
2020-04-16S.O.1260(E) Gazette NotificationDetailing Break-up of Peas Imports Quota
2020-03-28S.O.1225(E) Gazette NotificationRestricting imports of Tur, Moong and Peas
2020-04-2106/2020-2021Trade NoticeModalities for import of Peas, Pigeon Peas/Toor Dal and Moong FY 2020-2021
2020-04-2105/2020-2021Trade NoticeRestricted quantities notice on imports of Peas, Pigeon Peas and Moong
2020-04-1604/2020-2021Trade NoticeArrival deadline extended to May 15th for Import of additional 2.50 lakh tons of Urad for FY 2019-2020
2020-03-2358/2019-2020Trade NoticeLast date to apply for 4 lakh tons Urad import extended to April 15, 2020
2020-03-1957/2019-2020Trade NoticeModalities for import of 4 Lakh MT Urad for the fiscal year 2020 – 2021
2020-03-1956/2019-2020Trade NoticeRestriction on Import of Pulses – 4 lakh tons Urad imports to be allowed for period 01.05.2020 to 31.03.2021
2020-03-0354/2019-2020Trade NoticeArrival deadline of March 31 for Import of additional 2.50 lakh tons of Urad for FY 2019-2020
2020-01-20MoMMinutes of DGFT Meeting to finalise allottment of additional quota of 2.50 lakh tons for Urad imports
2020-01-0138/2015-2020NotificationHS Code for Peas split for Yellow, Green and Other Peas – Notification of ITC (HS), 2017 – Schedule 1 (Import Policy)
2019-12-2745/2019-20Trade NoticeCorrigendum rectifying to millers/refiners instead of millers/traders in Trade Notice No. 44 dtdt 26.12.2019
2019-12-2644/2019-2020Trade NoticeCorrignedum correcting HS Code for Urad in Trade Notices No. 42/2019-20 and 43/2019-20 dtd. 19.12.2019
2019-12-1943/2019-20Trade NoticeLaying down of modalities for import of additional Urad (2.5 Lakh MT) for the fiscal year 2019 – 2020
2019-12-1942/2019-20Trade NoticeRestriction on import of Pulses
2019-12-1837/2015-2020Trade NoticeAmendment in Imort Policy and Policy condition under HS Code 07131000 of Chapter 7 of ITC(HS), 2017, Schedule -I (Import Policy) – MIP with QR imposed on Peas
2019-11-0538/2019-20Trade NoticeImports of Pulses for the fiscal year 2019-20.
2019-09-3035/2019-20Trade NoticeImports of Pulses for the fiscal year 2019-20.
2019-09-1132/2019-20Trade NoticeLast date of Import of Pulses for the fiscal year 2019-20
2019-07-25MoMMinutes of DGFT Meeting to finalise allottment of additional 2 lakh tons Tur Imports
2019-07-2426/2019-20Trade NoticeCorrigendum to rectify HS Codes for Urand and Moong in Trade Notice No. 06 dtd. 16.04.2019
2019-07-0524/2019-20Trade NoticeInviting applications for allotment of addl import quota of Pigeon Peas/Toor Dal for 2 lakh MT for FY 2019-20.
2019-07-0523/2019-20Trade NoticeAdditional quota of Toor allowed for import for the fiscal year 2019-20.
2019-06-2509/2015-2020Trade NoticeAmendment in import policy of seeds of Peas.
2019-06-2119/2019-20Trade NoticeResponse to various representations against Allocation of Quota for Pulses/Peas.
2019-05-0911/2019-20Trade NoticeRegistration of contracts for Peas (HS – Code 0713 10 00) under Trade Notice No. 25/2018-19 dated 17th August, 2018.
2019-05-079/2019-20Trade NoticeProcessing of applications in response to TNotice 06/2019-20 dtd 16.04.19 – import of Peas and Pulses for FY 2019-20.
2019-04-237/2019-20Trade NoticeIndia and Mozambique MoU implementation for import of pigeon peas and other pulses grown in Mozambique
2019-04-166/2019-20Trade NoticeModalities for import of Peas, Pigeon Peas/Toor Dal, Moong dal and Urad dal for the fiscal year 2019-2020.
2019-04-0101/2019-20Trade NoticeRestriction on import of Peas and Pulses.
2020-05-1310/2020-2021Trade NoticeExtending deadline for 2.50 lakh tons urad imports for FY 2019-20 to 31-05-2020.
2020-05-22S.O.1605(E)Gazette NotificationNotification S.O. 1605(E) dated 22nd May, 2020 date amendment to 31st August, 2020 for import of Urad.
2020-06-0113/2020-21Trade NoticeTrade Notice 13 dated 01.06.2020, issued by DGFT as Implementation of MOU between India and Mozambique for import of Pigeon Peas and other pulses grown in Mozambique
2020-10-2627/2020-21Public NoticePublic Notice No 27 dated 26.10.2020 regarding Extension of time period for imports of tur during the fiscal year 2020-21

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