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Dear Friends,

Greetings from India Pulses and Grains Association!

India, as we all know, has unique distinction of being the largest producer, consumer and importer of pulses in the world. In India, pulses are cultivated on approximately 25 million hectares.   India however finds itself short of Pulses due to low average yields on production side and large consumption with pulses being main source of protein.

Between 2013 and 2016 India’s annual pulses production varied between 16 to 19 million tons necessitating import in the range of 3.5 to 6 million tons.  During 2015/16, pulses production fell to 16 million tons against consumption of about 23 million tons, this led to record import of 5.57 million tons. Since then the Government of India has taken  measures of increasing Minimum support price, procurement by government agencies to create buffer stock and increase in import duty which have yielded positive results. Area under pulse cultivation has expanded and production in recent years has reached 23 million tons.  Imports have dropped to 2/2.5 million tons.

Having said this, the fact remains that much of pulses production in India is rain fed and hence subject to weather vagaries.  Frequent short supplies of pulses of a particular kind and consequent price spurts cannot be ruled out. It is therefore important that the government policies strike balance between farmer and consumer interest and actions are flexible enough to react to ground realities swiftly.

We are pleased that IPGA has earned recognition and respect with the government and gets attentive ears of decision makers.  We will continue to engage with key Ministries to discuss various initiatives to devise and implement pragmatic programs.However, as we all are aware in today’s world order, we have seen such happening with other commodities in different parts of the world and will have to live up to changing trade balances.

Friends, as you are aware, IPGA has just hosted the 5th edition of THE PULSES CONCLAVE, its biennial conference on the pulses sector,  from Feb. 12 to 14 at Aamby Valley City in Lonavala near Mumbai. The Pulses Conclave (TPC) is the largest conference across the world focussing on the pulses sector in India and globally.

The Pulses Conclave provides an exceptionally strong platform for domestic and international market participants to converge, connect and capitalize on business opportunities. The Pulses Conclave, over the years, has seen an average of 800 to 1000 Indian and international delegates participating with trade delegations from all major pulses producing nations like Canada, USA, Australia, Myanmar, Russia, Ukraine, Ethiopia, Uganda, Tanzania, Malawi, Mozambique, etc.

In this year’s Conclave, while concentrating on the India  and global pulses scenario, we have interesting presentations focusing on pulses research in India, Health benefits of pulses, product innovation etc. 

At The Pulses Conclave 2020, while covering the supply and demand aspects of the trade, IPGA has attempted to go beyond to try and put together a roadmap that will help the Indian Pulses Trade be able to contribute to the Hon’ble Prime Minister’s vision of making India a $ 5 trillion economy through retail sale of pulses, processed pulses, pulse derivates and value additions, all  of which will drive investments in the entire value chain. I would like to thank the Speakers, Panelists, Delegates, Exhibitors and Sponsors at The Pulses Conclave 2020 for their continued support.

Last but not the least, we call upon all the stakeholders of the pulses trade to join hands with IPGA as Patrons. The higher the number of patrons that IPGA, the stronger it becomes while approaching the various Ministries to place issues faced by the trade.

Please do get in touch with the IPGA office on +91 22 2490 9132 / +91 22 2490 9133 or write to us at info@ipga.co.in to become a Patron.

Thank you

Warm regards

Jitu Bheda

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India Pulses and Grains Association (IPGA), is the apex body of India’s pulses and grains industry & trade and its membership encompasses market participants along the value chain.

106, T. V. Industrial Estate, S. K. Ahire Marg, Worli,
Mumbai 400030, India

Contact:  info@ipga.co.in

+91 22-24909132 / +91 22-24909133

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